Understanding the Human Digestive System

All food and drinks that enter the body, will go through the processing in the digestive system. There are many organs involved in the human digestive system, to make the food you eat digestible and absorbed by the body. The human digestive system is designed to convert all the food you consume into nutrition, which will later be used for the development and repair of body cells, as well as a source of energy. To be able to use it as a nutrient, the body needs to convert protein to amino acids, fat to fatty acids, and carbohydrates to sugar. Organs in the Human Digestive System To be used as a source of energy, food and drinks that enter the body must be processed first. The process is quite complicated and long. At least, it takes about 30-40 hours before the remaining digestion of food is removed through bowel movements. When processing food, there are many organs involved in the process. Here are some organs that are responsible for the human digestive system: Mouth The
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